Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 Projects

"Power Struggle" is an open plan Half-Life 2 level set in the Ravenholm location

I wanted the level to feature really deep vistas with some excellent vantage points to appreciate them from

At the end of the level the player can ride the sky tram track before exiting

The interior of the church in the level. Creepy vibe with vertical progression

The fast zombies can climb all over the roof tops to attack the player from different angles every time

Lost At Sea - A level created in 10 days for the "Ambushville" mapping competition at PlanetPhillip.com, it won the competition!


“Power Struggle” can be downloaded here as part of the RavenholmVille mapping competition : http://www.planetphillip.com/posts/ravenholmville-half-life-2-ep2/

Level Design